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The Good Stuff

Here you’ll find a list of resources that has helped me along my journey, or things that I just really, really like. I can’t promise that you won’t find a picture of the Jonas Brothers on here at some point. You’ve been warned….



This Bible is wonderful. My sweet husband, then fiance, got me this beautiful thing. If you don’t have it, get it.








Jesus Calling. What a sweet, sweet book. My dear mentor JoAnne showed me this gem. I read it almost everyday during my alone time with God. If you are like me, and sometimes struggle to get absolutely lost in Him, after reading the first few words on the first day, you will be so lost in His presence that it will be so difficult to stray from.





If you are a girl, and you have never read this book, I am so sorry. One of my sweet students gave me this book, and I was so glad she did. While it is geared for teenage girls, I was 22 when I read it for the first time. Life changing. I never knew all of the valuable stuff that I was missing out on, and where I was putting my identity. I am currently leading my youth girls through this book, and my heart is so happy seeing all of the walls they are tearing down and insecurities that they are throwing out the window. If you have a teen girl, please encourage her, or maybe use some force, to read this.