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{Romans 8:28}

When I designed this shirt a few months ago I did it as a reminder to myself. I journaled this that night:

•••Do we actually see the beautiful promise of the rainbow or just the messiness that the rain leaves behind? Do we believe the sun is beaming above the dark clouds, or do we fixate on the storm? Do we see that every single broken thing in life is really just redemption waiting to happen?

It’s not about pretending everything is ok when it really isn’t. It’s not about acting as if everything in life will go our way, because it won’t. But what if we changed our outlook a little, and began to live as if God’s heart is intertwined in every part of our being(which it is). . .Then maybe a moment of insult would be an opportunity to forgive. A friend in trouble is a chance to help. Loss is a reminder of heaven, and pain pushes us to our Helper. There is beauty and light in everything. We simply need to train our eyes to find it.

This isn’t about prosperity. We aren’t promised materiel things, health & wealth, and a life free of sorrow. But rather we get the most valuable thing we could ever hope for…Jesus. He is the gift. If all we had was Jesus, it would be enough. Life can be live joyfully because He is good.•••

I wanted to share those thoughts behind the design of this shirt, to give you a glimpse of the purpose behind it. Our hope has always been that these shirts will be sweet reminders as you go through out your day or maybe spark conversations. Find this and more in our online shop & locally at The Market of Clinton. ????