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I really can not start any other way, then to say ‘Thank You’, a million times over. The support, love, messages, and kind words, that so many have given to me over the last few weeks have been gifts to my soul.

It wasn’t easy sharing the story that God has given me, but I had so much faith in Him, and He proved to be working in the midst the whole time. There were people that I expected to support me, that didn’t. And there were ones that I never would have imagined would stand right by me, that did. To those of you who were sweet rest to my aching heart, thank you.

It’s amazing how quickly Satan can attack when you are in the middle of God’s will. The last two weeks have been a battle. I’m thankful that in the loneliness, and feeling very unworthy, He is faithful to pick me up and dust me off. It’s a beautiful reminder that I can do nothing without Him. And what is so precious, we don’t ever have to do a single thing without Him by our side.

I pray that if you have already read my last blog post, that you came from it praising God and His goodness. That you can see that He can take any evil and turn it into beauty. I hope that it will encourage you to share your own story. He can work through anything! If He is able to change the life of one person through it, then much good was accomplished. It is worth it. Don’t hide what could be used to praise our mighty God!

If you have not had the chance to read it, please take a couple minutes and see the awesomeness of God at work.
He’s still at work friends. In all of us, in every situation. Big or small. Look to Him and find rest.

Here is the link to my last post. Check it out.

Broken Beginning, Beautiful Ending