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Oh these two precious girls. They are my laughter, and sometimes my tears. They are my joy and my excitement. They have taught me to fight harder, love greater, and live fuller. They offer me grace when I make mistakes or lose my cool. They have held my hand and wiped tears from my face when I grieved saying goodbye to our boys. They wrote me love notes and watched movies with me when my heart longed to hold another baby. And after marrying their daddy, they have been my biggest dream come true. I fail and I conquer, and I fail and I conquer, but don’t we all feel that way raising the people around us that God has given us? Raising them to know Jesus, watching as one of them began a relationship with Him, helping them to see that everyone deserves to be loved and offered hope, is what I work everyday longing for them to see. I hardly ever do it right, but I am thankful that each day is a beautiful gift from God to keep at it, in His name.

This last year I have learned that being a mother or a parent has absolutely zero to do with blood, and everything to do with love. I have given every part of my heart to love the three boys God placed in my arms for a season. I have prayed over them, and spoke Words of God into their ears hoping that somehow it would be locked into their hearts forever. I have physically ached for them. Not because I gave birth to them, but because I love them. I am not special, or superwoman, nor do I have magical abilities. I just love. If you do not hold a child who shares your eyes or nose, but God has placed a baby, a child, a teenager under your wings of care that you did not birth, you are just as much a protector and influencer in their life as a biological parent would be. You matter. You absolutely matter.
I know I am a few days late but who says we can’t celebrate all week long. ???? Happy Mother’s Day, dear friends.