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So, THIS happened a few weeks ago!!!!!


That’s right! We have sent in the check and the application for our homestudy! Thank you for the donations, and purchasing bracelets! A whole lot of emotions came with that. Another big step started, which means another small step closer to Charlie.

The homestudy is what it sounds like. A social worker comes in, and looks at every aspect of your life. They look through your house to make sure it is fit for a child, ask you no less than 100 questions about who you are, and leave you with a stack of paperwork to fill out. And I am sure there are many more steps that I have no possible clue about, because we’ve only just begun. We have been placed with a social worker, are gathering all the necessary documents(marriage license, birth certificates, etc.) and are awaiting that first visit. We are so excited, yet so nervous, to get this show on the road. We have also begun gathering the many documents for our dossier. Dustin is probably most exited about getting to go to the police station to be fingerprinted. For the man who’s favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption, and who watches prison shows like a little kid watches Barney, this is a dream for him! OK, not really. 😉 I am so eager to get this homestudy step done, so prayers for it too go fast + smoothly, are appreciated!

Please continue to pray for Charlie. We may not know if Charlie is a boy, or girl. Toddler, or not even born yet. But I know that God knows who Charlie is. Whether He has yet to knit Charlie together or He is placing a protective hand around him or her at this very moment, He knows. I have been particularly burdened for Charlie’s family these last few days. My mind often wonders, what is it that makes Charlie an orphan? Has it happened yet? What is the tragedy, that is the most significant event in their life so far? Is their family safe? Are they healthy? Do they know the saving love of our Father? Will you join me in praying for Charlie’s family this week? Please pray for salvation of the family, so that Gods comfort may be felt in a very big way.

Thank you for continuing to come along this adventure with us. The community we have felt surround us has been nothing short of overwhelming…but in a good way. 🙂

UPDATE on the bracelets for Charlie!

We have 60 bracelets left! We will be sending all unsold bracelets back at the end of October, so if you are wanting to purchase any, now is the time to do so! Let’s get all 60 of these gone! You can purchase in the adoption store on my site, or in person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have already purchased them. One of the most encouraging things is seeing everyone wearing them. If you have not sent a picture of you wearing the bracelet, please do! What an awesome thing for Charlie to look back on one day. To see that so many cared for them, from the very beginning. God is good.

Xoxo, Sara