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Happy Valentines Day, friends! Bring on the chocolate! I love Valentines Day, but I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s all the pink, and glitter and yummy chocolate. I love doing fun crafts and cooking heart shaped EVERYTHING with my girls. I’m currently getting things ready for my oldests Valentines party at school this afternoon. It was my favorite day of the year when I was in elementary school. Who didn’t love the  endless amounts of tootsie roll pops, and pop rocks?!

I have seen a few bloggers do these Valentines Love Story’s, so I thought I would join in on the fun! This particular one I saw Amanda at The Ladie Okies blog write, which you can find HERE. So here it goes!

1. When you met: June 2009  IMG_1791

2. How did you meet? It’s quite the story leading up to that meeting, but I’ll be brief and save it for another day. We were introduced by my pastors wife, Marcy, on a Sunday evening after church. Dustin was the middle school pastor at the church I went to. I wanted to start helping with the middle school students, and possibly go as a sponsor to camp with them. So she introduced us so I could learn more. About camp. Not him. But look how that turned out! I had secretly been eyeing him for a few weeks before that meeting. Hehe

3. First date: August 3, 2009. We went to Rib Crib for dinner. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want him to feel bad, but at the time I was a vegetarian. Then we went to Celebration station for mini golf, where I hit my first and only hole-in-one, and HE MISSED IT. He was looking at his phone. He will never live  that one down. Then back to his place for my favorite, Shark Week! See the below picture that a friend took of us going on our first date. Ha!


4. Date you got engaged: October 3, 2009. I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right. I can’t believe we waited so long!

5. Marriage Anniversary: January 2, 2010. You guys, we don’t waste any time.


6. What is “your song”? We have a few, but there are two that mean a whole lot to us. “Out of My League Once Again” by Stephen Speaks. This is the song he played me before he proposed. And we may have just danced to it in our bedroom last night. And then “Dancing In The Minefields” by Andrew Peterson has been our anthem the last few years. We have the lyrics around our house, and it’s a sweet reminder of our love for each other through every step of our journey, and for God.

7. Do you remember the first movie you saw together? Julie & Julia. I knew he was a keeper when he let us go see a chick flick for HIS birthday.


8. First road trip together? OKC to Port Huron, Michigan. Non-stop, straight there in a day. We were a few weeks from getting married and this was the trip where he met my family and friends back home. One word: PRESSURE.

9. Who was interested first? I think we both were interested in, and wondered about who the other was at the same time. But after sitting together at a Redhawks baseball game(where the whole church saw something between us), I think we both knew there was an attraction on both ends that we wanted to explore.


10. Who said I love you first? Dustin said it first, but I think I knew it first. I knew I loved him and wanted to say it SO much, but I respected that he was saving that until he was engaged. That phrase meant so much to him and he wanted that saved for the woman he would marry. It was very much felt, and known, but it just wasn’t said. And when that time came, he was right, it was the sweetest moment that I’ll never forget.

There you have it friends! Our love story in 10 questions. I would love to hear YOUR answers in the comments below!! Give it a shot! Happy Love Day!

Much Love, Sara xoxo