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Oh, dear hearts. Before you read any further, please take a couple minutes to watch this video of Beth Moore. This just might turn your day, week, or even your month around.

If you’re like me, you just laughed, and then broke down into a state of flowing tears with a great sense of the nearness of Jesus Himself.

Do you ever wonder how to keep plowing forward? Do ever struggle with how to measure up to those around you? Oh, precious friends, that feeling of insignificance can be so overwhelming sometimes. Lately I have found myself scrambling to find my place. I am always in a mind set of needing to do more, but what can I do that will be pleasing enough to my Savior?

I tend to hurt myself more than anyone ever could. The words, ‘you can’t be good enough don’t you know how filthy your past is?’ or ‘you’re just a Mom you don’t have the time to do great things’, tend to run marathons through my head on a daily basis. Those are lies from THE enemy, that try to make us so inferior, that try to make us feel useless & unimportant. But you know what?


We can meet the needs of the needy. We can love those that need to be loved. We can raise our children to live a life of purity. We can mend our relationships. We can learn to forgive. We can fight for our marriages. We can meet the needs we know deep in our hearts that we can.

Because oh precious warrior, it is not US. It is HIM.

You are loved. You are wanted. You are significant. And He is wanting to use every bit of you to fulfill His kingdom. Whether that’s brushing a strangers hair, staying at home in your pj’s while raising your children to love God & love people, or going to a different country to share His word, He will use you. He will.

So pick your pretty little(or manly, if you’re a guy) self up, brush off all that self-doubt, and march on sweet soul. March on.

For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

~Philippians 2:13